Stereogum premieres "State Of Play"

As they say, "It somehow sounds faintly twangy and also impossibly smooth." Follow the link to stream "State Of Play."

Photo by Jared Royal

Photo by Jared Royal

RG Lowe spoke with Urban Outfitters before his performance at the UOLive SXSW performance

Who or what would you cite as your main influencers for the sound of RG Lowe?
This record was created over quite a long period of time. It’s funny to look back and see entire swaths of inspiration that came and went through the three or so years that I was working on this music. In some ways it was really kind of a pop music 101 thing that I was going through, starting with a heavy deep Graceland phase, traveling thru Fleetwood Mac territory, and rounding out with a solid obsession with Prince and Michael Jackson. Hardly any of the songs that I wrote in the Paul Simon phase made it onto the record, perhaps ..


RG Lows is picked as one of Tribeza's 2017 "Musicians To Watch"

To say that Rob Lowe’s latest venture is a departure from his previous work is the most obvious of observations: a veteran instrumentalist by way of Balmorhea (a beloved Austin indie staple), his new project, RG Lowe, takes this musician down an entirely different path: pop. “It’s 180 degrees different,” he says. “Balmorhea is all instrumental, and a lot of it is very quiet and somber and direct ...